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Cheap Rhode Island Auto Insurance Quotes – RI Car Insurance Rates

Rhode Island drivers are required by law to have proof of auto insurance upon registering and when operating a motor vehicle of any sort. Rhode Island’s laws are lenient but effective when it comes to making sure that all drivers have insurance, and its regulations are intuitive and easy to understand. Nevertheless, it is useful to have an online location where you can find all the information you need about RI car insurance. This guide aims to be that location, with information taken directly from every relevant source. Read on to learn everything you need to know about RI auto insurance.

Rhode Island Auto Insurance Requirements

Prior to registering a vehicle in Rhode Island, you must sign a statement that you will maintain continuous and unceasing insurance during the entire time that the vehicle is registered in your name. If you are caught in violation of this statement, you will have fifteen days to submit proof of insurance to the state. If you do not do so, your license and registration will be revoked for up to three months and a fine of $500 will be levied. Additionally, you will have to pay for SR-22 coverage, a sort of statewide meta-coverage that ensures you continue to pay your insurance. If you stop payment of either your insurance or of SR-22, more severe consequences await.

Minimum requirements for the state of Rhode Island are somewhat standard, and include liability insurance to the amounts of $25,000/$50,000 for Bodily Injury Liability and $25,000 for Property Damage Liability. You are not required to pay for uninsured motorist coverage, nor do you have to pay for PIP coverage, as Rhode Island is a Tort state.

When your RI car insurance expires, you will be in violation of the law and of the statement you signed when you registered your vehicle. If you have already been caught once without insurance, SR-22 will ensure that the state finds you and sends you a notice once your insurance expires; if not, it is still in your best interest to stay current with your insurance payments.

Rhode Island Auto Insurance Laws

As a state with a Tort system of auto insurance laws, Rhode Island settles all claims in court. The person determined to be at fault in any given accident will be liable for injuries to all persons and property involved in the accident. His or her premiums will be the only ones that go up after an accident settlement. Additionally, victims in tort states often have the option of suing the guilty party for additional personal damages including loss of wages. Pain and suffering is another common suit brought against individuals found guilty of auto accidents. Because courts can make liability costs much higher than you might think, many experts suggest getting more than the minimum car insurance liability coverage.

Rhode Island Auto Insurance Coverage

RI minimums are pretty bare bones when compared to other states. In addition to standard liability coverages, you might consider purchasing an Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM) Coverage plan. If an uninsured motorist hits you and you don’t have UM coverage, you may be liable for the cost of your injury and property damage.

If you are leasing a car in Rhode Island, there’s a good chance that you will be required to purchase UM coverage, Collision coverage and Comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage protects against accidental collisions with objects while Comprehensive coverage protects against damage due to weather such as hail, flooding or heavy snow, as well as against things like theft or vandalism. If you live in a bad area for weather or crime reasons, these may be good coverage plans to purchase whether you are buying or leasing.

Cheap Rhode Island Auto Insurance Quotes

Online quotes are numerous for Rhode Island auto insurance. Simply open your web browser and find any major insurance provider’s website. There will be a location to type in your information for a free quote. This is very useful because you can easily compare annual prices for car insurance from site to site.

Rhode Island Auto Insurance Ratings

Your rating for RI car insurance determines how much you pay, and it varies according to certain personal data. This determining data includes where you live, how much you drive, how old you are, how many claims you’ve previously filed, what car you own, whether you have any outstanding traffic violations and your health/financial habits. This rating determines how much of a risk you are to the insurance company. As long as you keep risky behaviors to a minimum, you should be able to get cheap rates.

Rhode Island Auto Insurance Rates

Car insurance costs in RI are nearly 150% the national cost, making RI insurance among the most expensive in the country to hold. At over $2,000 per year in 2011, Rhode Island is definitely not the ideal place to hold car insurance. Still, due to the legality it is a necessary evil, so you should shop around to see where you can get the best deals.

Rhode Island Auto Insurance Companies

The “Big Three” in auto insurance are likely to provide the best rates to Rhode Island consumers. They are:

* Geico
* Progressive
* Allstate

It would still do you well, however, to check the websites of other auto insurance companies, as each company has a different risk rating system that offers different prices to everybody. If the three companies above don’t provide good car insurance rates, consider looking at some of the other national brands.

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