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Cheap New York Auto Insurance Quotes – NY Car Insurance Rates

When you get behind the wheel of a car there are certain things you must have. You must have your valid driver’s license, prescription glasses if they are required for you, and auto insurance. Insurance is designed to protect you and the people who are on the road around you. Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, to any person. Having proper auto insurance will protect you from the financial challenges that follow an accident.

New York auto insurance requirements

NY State requires that drivers carry liability insurance to protect other drivers, their passengers, and property. For each accident the coverages should include $25,000 for individual injury with a per accident limit of $50,000. Per accident property damage minimum amount is $10,000. NY state also requires coverage for accidental death in the amount of $50,000 for individual and $100,000 total for a single accident. New York also requires drivers to carry insurance against uninsured and underinsured motorists in the amount of $25,000 for an individual and $50,000 for an accident.

These levels are higher than many other states, but are still extremely low. Considering that most cars now cost upwards of $20,000 when they are purchased it is clear that $10,000 for property damage is not nearly high enough to adequately protect you. When purchasing insurance and reviewing online quotes you should consider increasing all coverage limits. You should also consider adding comprehensive coverage for your own property.

New York is a no-fault state. This means that your insurance will make payment towards your injury claims up to a certain amount. Intended to reduce the number of lawsuits and lower insurance rates, one other feature is that drivers give up some of their rights to sue. The process is far more complicated than it is in other states, and carrying your own insurance is of even greater importanc.

New York auto insurance laws

• Vehicles must have liability coverage for as long as they are registered, even if they are not actively or regularly used.
• The insurance must be in the name of the registered own of the car.
• Insurance must be issued by a company licensed to do business in New York and licensed by the Insurance Department of the state. People who move to other states and maintain registration in New York must also have insurance underwritten by a company licensed in the state of New York.
• Proof of insurance should be in the car at all times and must be shown to authorities immediately when requested.
• Any lapse in insurance can result in the suspension or revocation of the registration.

New York auto insurance coverage

New York is home to an incredible range of landscapes and driving situations. From farmlands and small towns with very little traffic to the famous Big Apple with it’s infamous traffic snarls, drivers in this state should always be prepared. Severe weather, including snow storms and dangerous ice, create hazard driving conditions and the heavy traffic found in so many New York cities presents additional challenges and dangers. When getting free insurance quotes online, it’s important that you get rates for higher levels of coverage. You should also find out about comprehensive insurance coverage so that your own vehicle, property and passengers can be covered in the event of an accident. Finally, it is important to get insurance against underinsured and uninsured drivers. The insurance companies often want the person who caused the accident to pay for the damages, and if that person doesn’t have enough insurance to pay for the damage, you could be the one left holding the bill.

Cheap New York auto Insurance Quotes

There are many factors that can affect what you will be charged for insurance. How many cars you own can initially drive up the cost, but may also net you a discount. Driving history will play a big role, as well as how recently your last accident was and your claim history of the past few years. Age, gender and marital status are also taken into account, and your credit rating might even play a role. You can get cheap NY auto insurance by taking the time to shop around. Quotes are available online, simplifying the process and making it easier for you to compare different policies. Here are some tips to help you save money and get cheap NY car insurance.
• No tickets, no accidents. Keeping your record clean will help you enjoy lower rates.
• Raise the deductible to enjoy lower premiums.
• Put your home and car on the same policy for a discount.
• Choose cars with safety features like airbags.
• If you have an alarm system, tell the company. It might get you another discount.
• Try to live closer to work or carpool. Cars that are driven fewer miles annually will receive lower insurance quotes.

New York Auto Insurance Ratings

There are many companies offering low rates, but they won’t all offer the same great customer service. When comparing quotes online you should also take the time to review the insurance ratings of each company. These reports cards are issued by different companies like JD Power and various consumer groups. In addition to viewing information on customer satisfaction and how well they respond to claims requests, you can also make sure that the company is financially solvent.

New York Auto Insurance Rates

The national average for auto insurance is only $1440. This is much lower than the average for NY dricers of $2788. Within the state, insurance premiums rose an average of 17% from 2010 to 2011. While insurance in NY will be more expensive than other states, remember that $2788 is an average. It is possible to get lower rates by taking the time to comparison shop and get multiple quotes online.

New York Auto Insurance Companies

NY has its share of nationwide companies, including MetLife, USAA, Geico, AllState, State Farm, Progressive and Travelers. They also have their share of smaller companies such as American Transit, Bollinger Insurance and TSC Direct. When choosing a company, confirm that they are licensed to do business. Check out their ratings and then compare their quotes to the other companies. This will allow you to make an informed decision that will provide you with great coverage and help you ave money.< p>

You can find insurance quotes from many different companies online. While it’s vital that you increase your coverage well above state minimum, you can still shop around and save a substantial amount of money. The state only sets what the minimum coverage amounts are, it does not dictate what the insurance company will charge. Remember to ask about any discounts you qualify for so you can enjoy even lower rates.

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