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Cheap Nebraska Auto Insurance Quotes – NE Car Insurance Rates

Auto insurance is a necessary part of driving. It protects other people in the event that you should cause an accident, and it can also protect you should you be involved in an accident. Drivers in Nebraska are mandated to carry liability insurance, but this only covers the other people and property in an accident. Fully protect yourself, your passengers, and your property by choosing comprehensive coverage and higher levels.

Nebraska auto insurance requirements

Nebraska only requires drivers to carry liability coverage on their vehicles. This protects other people and property in case you should cause an accident, but it will not pay to repair any damage to your own vehicle or other property. The minimum coverage is only $25,000 in coverage for property damage, $25,000 in coverage for a single injured person and $50,000 in coverage for multiple victims of an accident. These required state levels are actually quite low. Medical bills for an accident victim can quickly reach $25,000 and most new cars cost well over that amount. It is strongly suggested that you consider higher protection levels when receiving free quotes for auto insurance.

Nebraska auto insurance laws

• Driving without insurance in this state can leave you with a suspended license.
• Minimum state levels of insurance for property damage and single victim personal injury are $25,000 each. Coverage for injuries to more than one person is a state minimum of $50,000.
• The Nebraska Dept. of Automobile Insurance regulates auto insurance for drivers throughout the state.
• Proof of insurance must be kept in the vehicle and should be presented to authorities upon request.
• Not carrying proper insurance also carries a $500 fine.
• Nebraska follows a Tort system for accidents. Someone will be found at fault for causing an accident, and that person will be held responsible for the resulting damages.

Nebraska auto insurance coverage

Nebraska sees extreme weather including snow for seven months out of the year and severe thunderstorms during the other five months. The challenging weather increases your risk of getting into an accident due to poor visibility, icy conditions, and strong winds. Additionally, rocks tossed up by the semis that frequent the highways can cause damage to your windshield. It is highly recommended that you have glass coverage so you can get windshields replaced. To protect your own vehicle in an accident, you must have comprehensive coverage. It also highly recommended that you carry uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. This will insure that you can get your medical bills taken care of and your car fixed if you are hit by someone who only carries the state minimum amounts. With this coverage in place, you can get back on the road and let your insurance company take care of the lawsuits.

Cheap Nebraska auto Insurance Quotes

Rates will vary from one company to another. There are, however, certain things that will affect the quoted rates for different drivers. As coverage amounts rise and deductibles lower the rate will naturally increase. Other factors include previous claims, driving history, driver age, marital status, and even gender. The city you live in also affects insurance rates, as well as the vehicles you drive. Free quotes are available online to help you find the best price available.

Nebraska Auto Insurance Ratings

JD Power and other companies rate insurance companies. These ratings let consumers know how solvent the companies are, what the complaint history is, their overall reputation, and customer satisfaction ratings. Taking the time to review auto insurance ratings can help you make a truly informed decision that you will be pleased with.

Nebraska Auto Insurance Rates

The average insurance premium for NE residents in 2011 is $1,179. This is lower than the national average of $1440. However, it is important that you take the time to call around for the best rates and quotes. The state does not set the premiums, only the lowest levels that can be carried. Take advantage of free online quotes to find the best price for your coverage needs. Remember that choosing the low levels mandated by the state can leave you having to pay for the difference between those levels and actual damages to other parties and property. With new cars being so expensive and the potential for medical bills to quickly stack up, it is imperative that you choose higher coverage amounts.

Nebraska Auto Insurance Companies

Many national companies are licensed to offer insurance in the state of Nebraska. Among them are Nationwide, Progressive, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, the Farmers group, Geico, and State Farm. Private insurance providers like the military based USAA also provide insurance in the state. Local companies include Skinner and Young Insurance, German Mutual Insurance and Church Mutual Insurance. Free quotes are available online, and comprehensive coverage is strongly suggested. It is also important that you have higher levels of liability coverage in case you are found at fault in an accident.

Free online quotes are available for cheap car insurance. You can enjoy great prices and fantastic coverage, provided you take the time to shop around. Remember that the state only sets what the lowest coverage amounts can be. You can always find better rates easily and quickly by getting free insurance quotes online.

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