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Cheap Kansas Auto Insurance Quotes – KS Car Insurance Rates

It is a legal requirement to have car insurance if you own or lease a car in Kansas. However, it’s important to know all the details about insurance requirements, laws and other elements before you sign up for an insurance policy. An informed purchaser makes the best decisions about what type of auto insurance to buy. This content will provide all the necessary information for readers who need to purchase car insurance in KS. You may not have time to find and consolidate everything about KS car insurance on the Wild Wild Web, so read on for an easy-to-read, well organized guide.

Kansas Auto Insurance Requirements

Kansas drivers must purchase car insurance or risk legal repercussions, including hefty fines, jail sentences and misdemeanor charges. If you do not have your insurance documents on your person while driving and authorities stop your car, you may have to pay between $300 and $1000, as well as suffer a Class B Misdemeanor. Six months of jail time may also result. For a second offense within three years, KS drivers will be liable for an $800 to $2500 fee and a Class A Misdemeanor charge, as well as increased jail time. Kansas auto insurance is among the least expensive in the country, so you shouldn’t take a chance on driving without it.

Insurance requirements in Kansas are quite extensive. In addition to Bodily Injury Liability of $25,000 / person and $50,000 / accident, a Property Damage Liability of $10,000 / accident and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage of $25,000/$50,000, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage is also required due to Kansas being a No Fault state. Necessary PIP amounts include:

* $4,500 for medical expenses
* $900 per month for one year of disability payments
* $25 per day for in-home medical services
* $2,000 for funeral expenses
* $4,500 to pay for rehabilitation

If your KS car insurance expires, it is mandatory to renew it as quickly as possible. You need to keep on top of this, as driving with expired insurance is the same as driving with no insurance at all, and you are liable for misdemeanor charges, fines and jail time.

Kansas Auto Insurance Laws

Kansas is a no fault state, meaning that there are no courts to determine who was at fault in the event of an accident. Each person’s insurance provider is required to pay for damages resulting from an accident. These auto insurance laws are much less complex than in a tort system, but it tends to require a more complicated set of insurance coverages. The goal is simply not to be driving at times, in places and in situations where you are likely to be hit by another driver. Even if it isn’t your fault, your premiums may go up as a result of an accident under Kansas law.

Kansas Auto Insurance Coverage

Kansas is a no fault state, so mandatory coverage is more extensive than in other states. There are some additional levels of insurance coverage that are not required. These may, however, may be a good idea to purchase. Collision insurance covers any damage from hitting inanimate objects, while comprehensive insurance protects against practically everything else, from vandalism to acts of god. Collision and comprehensive insurance may be required in order to lease a vehicle, and they are a good idea if you have other people on your insurance plan or if you are concerned about theft or weather-related damages.

Cheap Kansas Auto Insurance Quotes

Most major auto insurance companies offer cheap KS car insurance quotes online. Free quotes can be acquired simply by typing your information into the forms on insurance company websites. Kansas prices are among the cheapest in the nation despite the minimum requirements being among the most extensive, so you can be sure that you’re getting a good deal no matter what KS insurance company you choose.

Kansas Auto Insurance Ratings

Your auto insurance rating determines your auto insurance rates. KS insurance companies rate you according to a number of criteria, including your driving record, your credit history, your vehicle model, your home location, your age, your gender and any prior insurance coverage. Some vehicles are more often stolen or damaged than others, and some locations are simply less safe for cars. In any event, it is important to get as few traffic citations as possible in order to keep your premiums low.

Kansas Auto Insurance Rates

KS annual car insurance rates in 2011 were about $1,270, nearly two hundred dollars lower than the national average. Kansas car insurance rates have been dropping for the past three years, meaning that if your insurance is about to run out, you might consider looking for new insurance companies. Chances are you will be able to lock in with another company for less expensive insurance coverage than what you’re currently paying. Additionally, many car insurance companies offer incentives for you to leave other providers and sign up with them, such as reduced rates for the first year.

Kansas Auto Insurance Companies

Most national car insurance providers serve Kansas as well, so if you want to find the best deals you just have to go online and search. Compare the quotes from each of the following companies:

Farmers Insurance
State Farm

If you live in Kansas, you have to get car insurance from somewhere. Visit the websites of the above insurance providers to see whose deals are the best, then go with the one that will save you the most money.

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