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Illinois Auto Insurance Requirements

In the state of Illinois, it is mandatory that all motor vehicle owners must have a minimum amount of auto liability insurance. Additionally, some lending institutions might require physical damage insurance to look after their interest in a financed vehicle.

The minimum liability limit in Illinois is known as 20/40/15. This means that every driver needs to carry at least $20,000 of insurance for bodily injury coverage for each person and $40,000 for bodily injury coverage for each accident. This is used to compensate for lost wages and medical bills in the event of an accident. The $15,000 is coverage to pay for property damage for in case of an accident. This will cover the replacement of things damaged or destroyed in the accident.

Illinois Auto Insurance Laws

One of the most important consumer protection measures in Illinois is the compulsory insurance law.

It is a must to always have your insurance card in your vehicle and when a law enforcement officer asks for it, you must show it to them. Normally, insurance companies will issue you an insurance card when your policy starts or is renewed.

In the Vehicle Renewal Registration Application, your signature will confirm that the vehicle you are driving has been appropriately insured within the registration period.

Enforcement of the compulsory insurance law is done during a random surveying procedure and during traffic stops.

* When the computer then by chance chose your vehicle, you will receive a questionnaire requesting for your policy number and the insurance company name you’re insured with. The verification process will take place by seeking out for the insurance company you have listed. Failure to have insurance or to return the questionnaire completed with the required information may mean suspension for your license plate.

* If you are involved in an accident or stopped because of a traffic violation, a traffic citation may be issued by a law enforcement officer if you fail to provide any evidence that you have motor vehicle insurance. In addition to getting your plates suspended, you also need to pay one of the following fines: 1) For driving uninsured- minimum of $500; 2)For driving a vehicle with a suspended license plate from a previous insurance violation- minimum $1000

Illinois Auto Insurance Coverage

It is a requirement in the state of Illinois that all registered automobiles must be covered by a minimum amount of liability coverage. Nevertheless, you may opt to get quotes on different kinds of coverage offered which may not only cover injury to you and your passenger, but damage to others and your vehicle as well.

All drivers in Illinois are required to carry the following amounts of coverage:

$20,000 – injury or death of one person in an accident

$40,000 – injury or death of more than one person in an accident

$15,000 – damage to property of another person

The following uninsured motorist coverage is also required:

$20,000 – of Bodily injury insurance per person

$40,000 – of Bodily injury insurance total per accident

Cheap Illinois Auto Insurance Quotes

In the middle of the business’s focus on competition with other auto insurers and price competitiveness, drivers can often find good deals on Illinois auto insurance. The trouble with that a lot of drivers are focused on affordability to the point of giving up quality and coverage. This is an unsafe practice, as you put yourself at risk by being underinsured, even if the policy conforms to Illinois car insurance laws. Every state has a minimum amount of car insurance coverage, and Illinois is no exemption. Illinois requires each driver carry along a definite amount of liability insurance. Liability pays for the damages and injuries your vehicle had caused in an accident for which you are accountable.

You can find insurance quotes online starting at $67.00 dollars a month.

Illinois Auto Insurance Ratings

Auto insurance can be obtained from a number of places. But then, how do you know that the company that you’ve bought insurance from is reliable? Here’s a few tips on how to find the best rates with the top companies.

You should first consider your main concerns in finding the appropriate insurance company for your needs. Should it be a well-known company? Do they have the best rates? Are they solvent enough?

There are companies that actually provide auto insurance ratings; a few of these are Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s and A.M. Best. Consumers should also know that these company’s ratings focus mainly on the financial strength of the company.

As a consumer and vehicle owner, we all want the same thing, which is to get the most out of our insurance policy. Ask questions about different insurance companies. How good is the company’s service in handling insurance claims? How fast and reliable are they in giving out the complete amount needed for a claim

The internet is a good source for checking how reliable a company is. Aside from the fact that you can get free quotation online, you will also be able to check feedback of former clients of the company. Make it a habit to read company reviews, but also look closely to the reviews as some of them may appear to be made by the insurance company’s employees, and some by their competitors. If it’s not too much trouble, ask a friend or someone you know about their insurance company and ask how they are treated.

Illinois Auto Insurance Companies is a big help in finding the right Auto Insurance Company if you’re based in Chicago, IL. They offer three basic steps in comparing Illinois insurance company quotes. First, it will let you decide on making a comparison from online or local agents. Second, you’ll have to input vehicle and driver information, and finally, you’ll have to choose your coverage according to your preference.

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