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Georgia auto insurance laws require that all drivers in the state of Georgia have liability insurance. Liability insurance applies to the other driver’s vehicle. In the event that a driver causes a car collision, this driver will be determined to be the one at-fault. The at-fault party is the one, unfortunately for him or her, who has to pay for the damages done to the other driver’s vehicle. If there are any injuries, either to the driver or the passengers in the other vehicle, the driver-at-fault will also be required to pay their medical bills.

The nature of car collisions is that other property than just the other car can be damaged. This includes utility poles or houses and other buildings. There might also have been pedestrians on the sidewalks or crossing the street who may have been hurt in these collisions. The at-fault driver would be mandated to pay for these repairs and medical expenses, too. The bill can possibly amount to tens of thousands of dollars if not more. What the state of Georgia auto insurance laws seeks to prevent is drivers on the roads who have no means of paying for the damages they cause, if they provoke an accident.

Like all the other states in the union, Georgia has Georgia auto insurance requirements. These are the minimum liability amounts that drivers must carry by law in the state of Ga and they include property damage and bodily injury. The amount of bodily injury liability car insurance that drivers must have is equal to $25,000 for one person. For the entire accident, drivers are required to have $50,000, meaning that at least two people may file a claim for $25,000. Property damage coverage is required to amount to $25,000.

In a car collision, it is possible that more than two people will be hurt. With the state of Georgia auto insurance requirements, two people or more if two people’s claims do not each reach $25,000, would be able to file a claim with the insurance company. If the amount of the medical bills exceeds $25,000 or there are more than two people hurt and they cannot file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company, then they will be able to sue the at-fault party in a court of law.

In the above-described scenario, the at-fault party will be responsible for paying all the medical expenses that their Georgia auto insurance coverage does not pay for. This could mean that their wages will be garnished and their future earnings will also be compromised. If they have anything in savings, they could potentially lose it all to satisfy the debt they have incurred. They may also lose the assets they have accumulated over the years. It could be very financially devastating for a person found at fault in a car collision.

The other worry is property damage. If a car runs into a house or a place of business, for example, the repairs needed to be done on these structures will also come out of the pockets of the at-fault driver if the costs surpass $25,000. The same thing can happen with property damage as with bodily injuries; those who cannot file a claim, because the minimum $25,000 has already been claimed by other people, are out of luck and will have to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. It is just another reason that the at-fault driver could be ruined financially.

On top of having to pay all bodily injury and property damage expenses, the at-fault party will also have property damage and bodily injuries to contend with. If drivers only purchase liability coverage like the Georgia auto insurance laws mandate, they will not have any Georgia auto insurance coverage for their own vehicles and injuries. They will have to lose everything paying for all the damages done to everyone in the car accident and then have to pick up the pieces of their own lives without benefit of Georgia auto insurance.

Georgia auto insurance companies will be the saviors for people who are found at-fault in a car collision. This means that drivers will have to purchase more insurance than is required by the state of Ga. Judging by what can potentially happen when someone who only carries liability insurance causes a car accident, this should be an easy decision to make. It is also easy to receive a free online quote for Georgia car insurance. Drivers just need to decide what type of Georgia auto insurance coverage they would like and they will receive free quotes from several Georgia auto insurance companies.

One type of car insurance that is important to have is more bodily injury coverage than is currently required as the minimum. Georgia auto insurance companies can add more insurance to cover more people than just the minimums. For extra property damage coverage, drivers can receive Georgia auto insurance rates for things such as collision coverage. Collision coverage will repair the vehicles of the policyholder, even if he or she was found at-fault in the accident. Drivers can also decide to purchase no-fault insurance, which will pay medical expenses for the driver whether or not he or she caused the collision.

The way to better protect oneself is to seek several, free, online quotes for car insurance. After doing so, drivers can check on the Georgia auto insurance ratings of the companies that offer them free quotes. The Georgia auto insurance companies with the best ratings and offering the best rates for the most coverage are the ones to consider.

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