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Best 50 Green Blogs

If you went round to your kid´s house for dinner, ate what was given to you, trashed the house and left, you would be considered pretty ungracious and irresponsible. The only difference between that scenario and with what we are doing to the planet is that it is on a much larger scale and, unlike your kid´s house; it is not going to be cleaned up overnight.

Even if you draw the line at some “Green” manifestos, being environmentally aware is a good thing, and our Best 50 Green Blogs steer clear of the politics wherever possible, to present a selection of readable blogs on the little changes that we can make to our lifestyles so that when we shrug off our mortal coil, we leave the planet a nicer place than we found it.

Green News Blogs

Grist – Multi-contributor environmental news with a twist. Provocative, informative and humorous, Grist provides bite-sized chunks of green news which attracts much educated commentary from its readers.

New Geography – Promoted as a blog about where we live and how to make it better, New Geography is a great resource for urban environment issues such as population, pollution and politics – all from a green point of view

Consumer Energy Report – Colossal amounts of news from around the globe about energy issues and climate change. Although not politically orientated, it seems that writers have to be members of the “Doomsday” party to get published

350.Org – 350 relates to the number of parts of carbon dioxide per million that scientists say we need to limit the atmosphere to for the planet to survive. This blog reports on the hands-on approach to reach that target

Clean Energy Authority – A little bit of a shop window, but the blog does have a considerable amount of news about solar power advancements and highlights notable locations where solar power installations are being set up

Greenspace – The L.A. Times provides an excellent blog on environmental issues in and around California. Even if you are not from the most densely populated State, this excellent blog is worthy of a read.

Environment 360 – The good, the bad and the sad news about our environment is reported in this blog by the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Easy to read, but hard to understand how it has been allowed to happen.

The Understory – A blog produced by the Rainforest Action network which focuses on the destruction of our planet by large corporations in search of the greenback, and reports on how like-minded individuals can group together for positive action.

Council on Environmental Quality – The White House´s own blog enables you to read what the powers at the top think about the environment, or at least what they want you to think they think about the environment

The 9 Billion – News on all aspects of the environment, from China´s growth in venture capitalism to school dinner pizzas. Particularly quick to get out news on climate change and how we should be preparing for it.

Green Business Blogs

Clean Techies – As well as focusing on many of the new technological advances with green energy, Green Techies takes a look at how the companies making these advances work, and reveals what´s in it for them

Biofuels Digest – The Biofuels Digest is the most widely read biofuels daily in the world. Mostly geared at business, the blog is not a bad read if you are looking for optimism about the future of our planet – even if the business news is not always so cheerful!

Econbrowser – Primarily an economics news feed for business, but hit the “environment” tag and there magically appears before your eyes news and commentary about the economic s of green business and the effect of global warming

Zero Hedge – To call Zero Hedge “anti-establishment” might be a bit too strong, but it certainly has leanings towards “responsible investment”. The link from finance to environment (via oil) is not ignored in this prolific blog

Money Morning – Green businesses will want to keep an eye on this blog and its awareness what is happening in the alternative fuel industries. Also good to see that it includes environmental issues in many of its financial reports

Green Chip Stocks – This blog presents a far more positive approach to the environment and action being taken to save it. “A new generation of wealth” is the tag-line, but investments of this nature will have benefits for all mankind

Alternative Energy Stocks – A genuine guide to stocks and shares in the alternative energy market, how market influences will affect their performance and forecasting their future yields based on past historic trends

Investment U – Although a general commodity trading web site, Investment U includes a useful guide to how to start trading, and features on the sustainable markets of the future, biotechnology and emerging alternative energy markets.

Green Issues Blogs

Switchboard – Switchboard is the staff blog from the Natural Resources Defense Council and features a diverse range of topics from global warming to green enterprise. A lot for conservationists to absorb in this educated blog.

Real Climate – Written by “climate scientists”, Real Climate provides readers with the science behind global warming and publishes the real news behind the doom and gloom headlines. A little heavy to get into, but worth the effort.

Planet Save – “How to Green Your Life” is a must-read section of this blog for anybody who wants to find out more about why there is a green movement. Activism, politics and climate change are just three of the important topics also covered in this well written blog.

Red, Green and Blue – RGB is big on “Occupy” but acknowledges that changes can be made without public shows of dissatisfaction and suggests many minor actions that people can take that will make a difference to their environment

Knowledge Problem – Michael Giberson shows that we have the knowledge to resolve the problems of an energy crisis and prevent global warming, but suggests that we are going about applying that knowledge in the wrong way.

Nuclear Notes – Mark Flanagan keeps readers up to date about the nuclear fuel industry both home and abroad and perpetuates the debate about whether solar, wind or nuclear power represents the cheapest, safest long-term fuel option.

Skeptical Science – An excellent blog edited by John Cook who lives in Queensland, Australia. If anybody has a growing problem with the climate, it is the Australians, but John tales a skeptical look at the misinformation being posted elsewhere

It´s Getting Hot in Here – What started as a community project has grown into the Youth Climate Movement. A good deal of pro-active opposition to climate damage is reported among the articles which appear on the blog.

Circle of Blue – Updates and reports on the global freshwater crisis from members of the Pacific Institute. Podcasts, videos and infographics suggest that this is one of the biggest environmental issues of our time.

Energy Refuge – A generally green blog providing news, views and commentary on environmentally friendly lifestyles. The links to related posts on Energy Refuge are well used in order that readers can see how a story develops.

Climate Resistance – Ben Pile argues that the true threat of global warming is being hidden from the man-in-the-street by a censorship program. It might sound like a conspiracy theory, but Ben backs his comments up with fact

Moms Clean Air Force – If there is anybody better to clean up a mess than your mom, you had better send them round! Tackling issues such as asthma, mercury poisoning and leukemia, the MCAF fight tirelessly to improve the air that their kids breathe

Green Technology Blogs

Clean Technica – At first glimpse, this looks like a blog for the boys – with shiny high speed trains and wind turbines on which you can land a helicopter – but there are also unmissable guides to why we should be harnessing the power of the sun and the wind

Next Big Future – Scientifically advanced blog which looks at the green macro-environment and the technology which is shaping it. A fascinating read if you have a little understanding of the physics behind the innovations.

Green Prophet – An amazing variety of news from all over the world on green issues, but what made our eyes open wide was the substantial volume of “cleantech” information available on the site. A good browse irrespective of your specific green interests!

Nuclear Green Revolution – There is a certain passion about this blog which will appeal to many readers. Achieving safe, clean nuclear power is a goal we should all hope for and Charles Barton explains the options and debunks the myths about nuclear power.

EcoGeek – Fascinating blog presented by Megan Treacy and Philip Proefrock on some of the applications which are now being put into place to save on the use of natural fuels. Less geeky than you might imagine!

Brave New Climate – A superb nuclear power blog by Barry Brook, which is technical in concept but easy to read, and which extends the comparisons between alternative sources of fuel to new levels – eye-catching design and thought provoking content!

Intercon – Tyler is a New York City architect who blogs about new concepts in design and technology which reduce our dependency on traditional fuel sources. Good commentary on how the little picture has an influence on the bigger one

Green Patent Blog – A blog which examines the legal side of the new technology being introduce onto the general market. Will green patents and licenses limit the amount of new technology production in the future?

ZME Science – A great little blog which introduces itself as “It´s not rocket science” and then proceeds to explain in plain terms a lot of the science behind innovations in the green market. A must-read for those who want to know “why?”

Science Progress – Interesting blog which does not quite meet us with its banner of “where science, technology and politics meet” and instead questions the ethics and morality of some of today´s green issues and tomorrows answers.

Green Transportation Blogs

Green Packs – Everything from helicopters which fly themselves to electronically powered bicycles which can help you climb hills in the incredible blog. Well researched and supported by videos wherever possible

Earth Techling – Get all the latest information about electric vehicles, the improvements that are being made to their performance and how car manufacturers are aiming to make them a viable alternative to gas powered vehicles.

Inhabitat – Inhabitat offers ideas on how to change the world by design. New design buildings, new design gadgets and, most of all, new design cars. This blog does not ignore the technology behind the design – so it is not all pretty pictures

Green Car Congress – Making mobility sustainable is the key aim of this web blog, which highlights improvements to current gas-driven vehicles as well as promoting hydrogen cell, biofuel and electric vehicles

Autoblog Green – A fantastic source of information about what 48 different automobile manufacturers are doing to create a cleaner, greener atmosphere and a list of the upcoming motor shows at which their cars will be revealed.

T4 America – The Transport for America campaign wants a Federal transportation system put in place – not any old transportation system, but one which reduces the need for private modes of transport and enables communities to thrive.

Gas 2.0 – Cool cars and a classic take on some of the more innovative EVs take pride of place in this brilliant blog. As well as EVs, you can get the latest info on MPGs and electrically powered ATVs accompanied by some excellent pictures

Automoblog – No every car blog has to focus on alternative power sources for it to be environmentally friendly. Automoblog highlights many of the energy (and cost) saving features of the “regular” vehicles which are being launched

Tuvie – Pick your way through this blog! Designs for the future of transportation from the nearly practical to the incredibly outrageous. Readers are also invited to send their own concept ideas in for review.

Hybrid Car Blog – The Hybrid Sale blog overlaps into electric vehicles, and focuses on some of the other non-environmental reasons for people buying hybrid cars – safety, comfort, looks and tax credits!

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