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Best 50 Entertainment Blogs

The Best 50 Entertainment Blogs have been chosen on the basis of providing excellent coverage, educated opinion and humor in their content. Some of the blogs may repeat news which appears on other web sites, but they have been included in our list because they do it bigger, better and brighter than anybody else.

If you love the movies, TV, video gaming, comics, music and celebrities, you will love our collection of the Best 50 Entertainment Blogs. To view any of our selection, click on the title of the blog and witness the magic of the Internet open each one´s home page in front of you. Read, enjoy and tell all your friends!

Best Film and TV Entertainment Blogs

Deadline – Deadline focuses on the high achievers in film and TV, with special attention paid to those shows in line for a major award. Good for breaking industry news and forthcoming movie trailers.

Vulture – Advertising that it is a blog which “devours culture”, Vulture provides up-to-the-minute news and information about what is hot on the screens – both big and small – and in the music industry.

Huffington Post – The entertainment section on the world´s most “powerful” blog has all the buzz from Hollywood, and covers what is new in the world of movies, TV, celebs, arts and music.

Movie Web – The ultimate guide to what´s on where and what´s coming in the future – not just on the big screen, but on TV and in a DVD rental store near you soon. Hosts a lively and informed forum

First Showing – Steps off the Boulevard occasionally to provide news about some of the independent film companies and what is in production elsewhere. Justifiably has a massive social media following

TV Overmind – Exclusively TV blog which contains listings, previews and updates on what´s on, what will be on and what you may have missed. Well written and well worth a look if you watch a lot of TV

No White Noise – Fantastically independent TV review blog written by contributors who reveal their true thoughts about what happened on the previous night´s viewing. A lot of fun to read

Spoilers Guide – Want to know what happens next on your favorite TV show? Tune into Spoilers Guide and use their customizable home page to find out what happens next on just the shows you watch

Buddy TV – 32 of the most popular TV shows are featured in this comprehensive blog which covers storylines, actors, news, and an extensive image gallery. Find out how much you know about a show with the Buddy TV games

TV Tree – A great TV blog with a difference. TV Tree delves into the backgrounds of TV stars, looks back at how they started their careers and highlights pop culture references that may be hidden from the unwary viewer

Best Video Gaming Entertainment Blogs

JoyStiq – JoyStiq showcases the latest and most innovative accessories for video gamers and offers links to other blogs´ game reviews. Regular podcasts add to the comprehensive content on the site.

PlayStation Blog – The top destination for everything PlayStation!  The chance to communicate with games developers and give your own opinion of what should be included in the new releases is awesome.

Eurogamer – Covering practically every video game platform, Eurogamer presents the news from the point of view of a staff who actually enjoy video gaming rather than write about it for an occupation

Kotaku – More than just another review site, Kotaku introduces politics into video game blogging alongside news about new releases, apps and culture. Very readable and very different- yet very educated!

Screen Rant – As good as this blog is for breaking movie news and trailers, scroll down the home page to find one of the most comprehensive video gaming news blogs. Honest reviews of games on all gaming platforms

Major Nelson – Major Nelson is the official X-Box gaming blog from where you can read reviews, download previews of X-Box games and, if you like them – buy the full version. Do not miss the exclusive offers which are unavailable elsewhere.

Shack News – Goes beyond being a “regular” review video game site by offering videos of the games in action and a cheat page for practically every game you have ever heard in formats that you may not have!

Venture Beat – Very orientated towards video gaming technology and business, but has some interesting social comments about gamers in general and details of game apps for SmartPhones.

Touch Arcade – Video Gaming goes mobile with plenty of honest reviews, screenshots and downloads of the most popular video games for the iPhone. A useful forum will help you out if you get stuck

Respawn Action – Sick of reading video gaming blogs which are the jack of all trades and master of none? Respawn Action focuses solely on first person/third-person shoot-ups and does it well.

Best Comic Entertainment Blogs

Bleeding Cool – A top comic blog for anybody interested in comics – the printed variety, not those chaps who tell jokes! Also carries advanced warning of the top comic conventions

Splash Page – MTV´s own dedicated comic web blog carries news about the latest action movies involving characters from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Image Comics – “When comics and movies collide … …”

Comic Book Resources – This blog does exactly what it says on the cover – a great resource for anybody and everybody which a love of comics. Great images and video trailers accompany educated and enthusiastic text

Comics Beat – Comics Beat is a comprehensive resource for current comics and current comic sales. An “Ask Heidi” feature enables you to ask “anything” to Comics Beat´s editor-in-chief, Heidi MacDonald.

Comics Worth Reading – How you establish what comics are worth reading may be a matter of opinion, but Johanna Draper Carlson and her staff steer away from Marvel and DC to bring independent views on Manga and comics written by women

Forbidden Planet – Forbidden Planet is a UK-based blog which covers international news but focuses mainly on European comic-cons. Good links to other sites including those of writers and artists

Newsarama – Excellent comic news blog which provides advanced warning of the most anticipated comics of the year, links to digital comics and announcements in respect of forthcoming comic-cons

DC Women Kicking Ass – Just what we needed on Capitol Hill! No! Wait! It´s about women from DC Comics licking ass, and Marvel and some more. Fun for women and scary for men with commitment issues!

Comic Bastards – An attention grabbing name is supported by attention captivating reviews of the latest comic releases. Weighted towards Dark Horse publications more than any other, but it gives you a break from constant superheroes!

Manga Bookshelf – Not as dedicated to Manga as you might be lead to believe, Manga Bookshelf provides reviews on all natured of animated books from modern day classics to old masters.

Best Music Entertainment Blogs

Rap-Up – The universally acclaimed music blog for rappers and rap musicians has a superb TV section to accompany the music news and “Rap-Up Radio” for first hand access to the latest rap releases`

FlavorWire – Although carrying news about the other elements of entertainment within its pages, FlavorWire excels in its music coverage and the educated critique of its writers and those who comment on the articles.

Idolator – Popular due to its writer´s opinionated music news and reviews coverage – no more so than in the “wtf?” section in which music celebs are treated with a little more contempt than they deserve

Popp and Hiss – The L.A. Times music and entertainment blog may well be more mainstream than some of its rivals in the blogosphere, but it does get some of the biggest names in the music industry talking to it

Boombox – Very much geared towards Hip-Hop and R&B (what else would you get from a blog entitled “Boombox”) but do not expect anything beyond mainstream as the site is an extension of AOL Music

GAC – GAC stands for Great American Country and the tag cloud on the right hand side of the home page provides you with a comprehensive list of today´s finest country performers for easy reference.

Zeibiz – A good all-round entertainment blog has a stand-out music section which includes the latest news about artists and what they are recording. The site could do with extending its concert section, but at least it has one!

Stereogum – A great blog providing news, interviews and MP3 downloads of the best Indie music currently available. Don´t miss the concert review section which includes videos of some of the bands in action

Consequence of Sound – A comprehensive blog reviewing new releases in all genres of musical entertainment with extensive festival coverage and an eclectic mixture of feature articles

Clash Music – A good blog which generally avoids the mainstream music scene to provide reviews and interviews with some of America´s rising stars. Shame about the gig guide, but maybe the editors are reading this and will do something about it!

Best Celebrity Watch Entertainment Blogs

Just Jared – J2, and its teen site J2 Jr, are acknowledged as two of the world´s leading entertainment news and gossips sites. Plenty to satisfy celeb-watchers and keep the conversation alive around the water cooler

Gossip Cop – A fantastically entertaining blog which accompanies each story with a “Rumor Monitor” so you can immediately see just how much credence you should place in each article

Hollywood Life – The paparazzi were made for Hollywood Life –rich in pictures and news about the stars and what they have been up to. Claims to be the leading publication for Hollywood exclusives

Pop Sugar – Pop Sugar manages to get a stack of interviews with all the “right” people and the great thing is that they actually ask the questions that we want to hear the answers to!

TMZ – Often controversial but never dull, “Thirty Mile Zone” has now extended its coverage beyond Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan to include gossip about other celebrities passing through Sunset Boulevard

Celebitchy – An all-claws-out attack on big name celebrities – whether they deserve it or not! Celebitchy brings out the worst in its readers as well, and we defy you not to start nodding along to some of the authors´ scratchings.

Celebrity Gossip – Never miss out on the latest news about your favorite star with Celebrity Gossip´s celebrity search engine. Gossip Centre TV also ensures that you can hear every word from your heroes and not just what is reported

Oh No They Didn´t – ONTD purports to be a live gossip web magazine which reports celebrity gossip as it happens. Plenty of commentators add fire to the contributor´s rumors and ruminations in this lively blog

Reality Tea – Nice to see a blog with a focus on those celebrities we watch on the TV rather than those we catch every two years in a blockbuster movie. Everybody is included of course, but just nicely weighted to the characters we see every day.

Girls Talkin´ Smack – Very tongue in cheek blog mostly comprised of “Five Celebrities Who [insert outrageous event]”. A bit heavy with advertising, but worth it for the “lol” content

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