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Best 50 Auto Blogs

Whether you drive as a necessity, a pastime or an occupation, there is always something going on in the world of the automobile. Technological advances, amended motoring laws and new in-car features mean that we are living in an ever-changing world where the wheels of the automobile revolution keep on turning.

Subscribing to one or more of the best auto blogs can keep you up-to-date with what is going on and provide an insight into what the cars our children will be driving may look like. Whereas many of the auto blogs featured below are news orientated, we have tried to select those which offer a variety of subject matter to appeal to the most comprehensive of motoring tastes.

Auto News Blogs

Auto Guide – The Auto Guide news pages feature up to the minute news about top end vehicles coming onto the market as well as details of some of more exclusive vehicles you may not find covered elsewhere.

Car Scoop – In addition to the Car Scoop´s fantastic “Spied” series, scoops include fascinating news on vehicle safety (or the lack of it) and the site also provides excellent coverage of international motor shows.

Motorlogy – There is not a great deal of news on this auto blog that you could not find elsewhere, but the resources section is pretty good and, if you have an imported car, the car spares section may come in handy too!

Motorward – Basically an advanced news site about the latest models to come onto the market which also provides an excellent DIY resource for some of the more basic repairs you can make to you own car.

Car Envy – A Canadian auto blog featuring news and reviews from north of the border. Not only of interest to our neighbors, this site provides a personal view on much of the auto news it presents

Woman on Wheels – Another Canadian auto blog, but this time from the perspective of Jil McIntosh – a freelance writer and member of the Automobile Journalists of Canada who is not scared of getting her hands dirty – as you will see!

Car Gurus – Incredibly, 15,000 Americans have lost more than $45 million due to car scams. Make sure you read this blog to ensure that you are not next! (Car Gurus contains other news and features as well). – Motorists is the National Motorists Association own blog and brings essential news on issues such as speed traps and tolls. The NMA fights for motorist´s rights throughout the country, so there may well be a campaign near you to support.

Tyre Smoke – Tyre Smoke is a community news site based in the UK (as the spelling would suggest) that publishes interesting snippets of news that does not always make it to the US auto news blogs

Daily Torque – This appropriately name auto blog has excellent news coverage accompanied by some mouth-watering images and videos. A little biased towards the Eastern market, but still worth reading.

Auto Review Blogs

egmCartech – A fantastic car review site which not only writes about the new cars coming onto the market but produces videos so that readers can judge each vehicles performance for themselves.

Kicking Tires – A nice blend of news and car show events is accompanied by videos reviews of new releases. A little reliant on manufacturers´ data, but a good read nonetheless.

Paul Tan – Paul is a Malaysian motor journalist who provides reviews on cars originating from his home country and those adjacent to it. Often well ahead of the domestic market, this is a blog well worth reviewing.

AutoBlog – Details of all the new automobile releases are complimented by stories concerning some of the more unusual vehicles you probably will not find motoring thru your neighborhood.

Autosbox – A huge database of new cars on the market, with more than 500 vehicles comprehensively reviewed. A handy search facility means that you do not have to search for hours to find the review you want.

Automoblog – Automoblog is a comprehensive motoring blog which extends its reviews to more practical cars as well as the high performers. Also contains a parts and accessories resource

Cars Fresh – More than just another auto review site, Cars Fresh investigates some of the technology driving the newer cars and industry news about future releases which are not yet always public information.

Car 2 Release Date – An interesting attempt to provide more technical data than most sites almost works. Possibly the problem exists because of the vast range of vehicles C2RD tries to cover.

Global Test Driver – Great reviews and some fantastic stories from around the globe concerning test drive results, auto shows and leaked spy shots. The site also has a handy used car search – just in case you were looking

Carmansion – Predominantly an auto review site which also covers a little car release news and has a feature on modified cars. A good site to review the latest developments without getting too deep.

Brand Specific Auto Blogs

Motoring File – Motoring File contains news, reviews and blog reports on road trips conducted in a Mini. Although the content is mini-orientated, the volume of it is anything but – with a comprehensive database of mini cars stretching back three generations.

Benz Insider – Benz Insider is a fantastic resource for anything Mercedes Benz – with an archive of articles that dates back to 2006 covering everything from classic machines of the past to the concept Benz´s of tomorrow

Cars VW – Although not strictly sticking to the pitch, Cars VW has a huge database of information on the Volkswagen range of vehicles, with separate sections dedicated to Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Bentley and … … … Skoda!

StangNet – Everything for the Mustang fanatic can be found inside the pages of StangNet – Mustang videos, Mustang apparel, and Mustang classifieds. There is even a forum for Mustang enthusiasts to exchange views and a look forward to the 2013 Mustang 201X.

Stanford Allen – Sure, Stanford Allen is an auto dealership in Detroit, but if you wanted to know anything about Chevrolets and Cadillacs – here is the place to look. Top information in bit-sized chunks, well categorized and easy to read.

Servicing Stop Audi – Among the blatant PR for Audi there are some interesting articles and features about the car manufacturer´s most recent history. Also includes useful servicing tips if you are an Audi owner.

Auto Racing Blogs

Top Speed – Top Speed contains a huge amount of information relating to high performance cars both on the road and on the track. Also covers motorcycles for those who prefer their speed on two wheels

GT Spirit – GT Spirit is a comprehensive news and video blog which features exclusive road tests and spy shots of some of the most highly rated (and highly desired) vehicles on the planet.

Motoring Exposure – The site which “makes James Bond look boring” is full of fantastically fast autos – both factory issue and privately tuned. Make sure to check out the lifestyle pages for some really cool “exposure” apps.

Auto X Pert – Although claiming to cover the auto industry as a whole, much of the focus in this UK produced web site is on auto racing news, cars and drivers. Also included for its must-read “Top 10 Road Movies” feature

SUV Tracker – If off-road racing is your thing, this is the blog for you. News and spy-shots of upcoming SUV releases are handily categorized for ease of access with the odd entertaining article thrown in for good measure.

Speed Sport Life – Along with the usual range of top end vehicle reviews, Speed Sport Life provides videos of some of the more interesting  -and speediest – sports cars on the market

Oneighturbo – An auto racing bog for lovers of very fast cars, Oneighturbo provides industry racing news from the leading performance car manufacturers with a fantastic video and picture gallery

Skidd Mark – Skidd Mark is the auto racing section of the “Drivers Republic” and you can guarantee that the road tests in its pages are all from firsthand experience. Check out Skidd Player – the site´s own TV channel for some excellent racing covering.

0-60 Mag – The Auto Racing blogs just get better! It is fair to say that 0-60 Mag features the vehicles that most of us can only dream about. The site often features girls that most of us can only dream about too!

Green Auto Motoring Blogs

AutoBlog Green – The environmentally aware pages of the AutoBlog web site feature both the serious and the whacky sides of protecting the planet from the excessive use of fossil fuels.

Inhabitat – The automotive pages on this environmental lifestyle web site make fascinating reading in terms of the performance figures being produced by EVs and Hybrids. The site also has a noteworthy perspective on the merits of green motoring.

Earth Techling – Environmentally friendly transportation news is presented on this green web site with a focus on the practicalities of running vehicles which use alternative power sources.

Green Car Congress – Neatly presented blog which won Tree Hugger´s “Best of Green” award last year presents sustainable mobility news in a conveniently navigable format.

Eco Auto Ninja – Reviews and news relating to EVs and Hybrids, with video test-drives and interviews with ecologically friendly car owners to enable an opinion from those who drive them day-to-day.

The College Driver – The College Driver is intended to be a comprehensive news and reviews blog, but the pages on green auto motoring are so good that they are worthy on inclusion in this category as a stand-alone item.

Hybrid Car Blog – Superb commentary of the state of the hybrid market in America, with opinions on why the market is not expanding as quickly as it should and news on initiatives to accelerate the growth.

DIY Electric Car – Fancy an EV but do not want to get rid of your existing auto? Here is a blog that will take you through a step-by-step conversion. You advised to read the excellent pros and cons of an auto conversion before you start!

Green Packs – Wonderfully laid out green auto motoring blog with a focus on design and technology. The site´s presents other environmental lifestyle ideas, so even if you are not ready to purchase an EV or convert your existing car, this site should provide interesting reading for almost everybody.

Classic Autos Blogs

Jalopnik – A superb source of information for some of the classic cars available on the market, where to find them and how much they cost. Other news is also featured in this entertaining web site with links to some of the more outlandish items that do not appear elsewhere in the blogosphere.

Hemmings – Hemmings claims to be the world´s largest collector-car marketplace and finds some of the rarest models in existence. Excellent reading for anybody who has been driving since the sixties, the site also hosts a free stolen car section to help recover classic cars which have been robbed.

Bring a Trailer – An auto blog for the most obsessive classic car enthusiast which brings news of classic autos in all conditions (hence the title of the site!). The site´s substantial readership also contributes with discoveries of their own.

Celebrity Cars Blog – Classic autos need not originate from the middle of the last century in order to be designated “classic”. Just take a look at some of the automobiles driven by those with celebrity status for an alternative view of what comprises a classic auto.

Go 4 Old Cars – Sadly thin on content, but what has been published on this blog is fascinating. If you are interested in automobile history, this is a must-read classic auto blog on the cars your grandfather would have driven when your father was a kid!

The Truth About Cars – An auto review site with a difference, covering some of the more outrageous vehicles to be found on the streets, current motoring news and a superb “Curbside Classics” feature

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