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50 Best Science Blogs

Once upon a time, science was a subject at school which few people really paid attention to. Now we live in a world that changes so quickly that if you do not keep up to date with advances in technology you are considered to be living in the past. The problem is that there is so much science which affects every aspect of the way in which we live that it is difficult to keep on top of everything that is going on.

Fortunately we have the 50 Best Science Blogs to provide regular updates on those areas of science which are most important to us. Many of these blogs make such compelling reading that you could lose days of your life browsing through the articles and explanations of how we may be living in the future. Hopefully they will make each of us a little more knowledgeable about our world – and worlds above us!

Mesmerizing Science Blogs

Wired Science – An absolutely fascinating “Oddbox” of scientific news collected from elsewhere on the web. Inventions, discoveries and theories can all be found on the Wired Science blog.

Geekosystem – A neat collection of captivating science news from other blogs is complimented by the best of the humorous science videos on the Internet. Hours of fun!

Not Rocket Science – Everything under the sun is contained in this well-written and entertaining blog. Only start to read if you have several spare hours at your disposal!

ZME Science – ZME Science is a great science blog for those who know a little or nothing about the way in which science works and probably do not want to. Just some really interesting stories!

Panda´s Thumb – The original Panda´s Thumb was a 1987 book by Stephen Jay Gold which proposed a number of new evolutionary theories. This blog keeps those theories ticking over in a very entertaining way.

Uncertain Principals – A very funny blog from the author of “How to Teach Physics to Your Dog” (Chad Orzel) which combines physics (naturally!), politics and pop culture.

Quantum Day – Another science blog for those who wish they had paid attention at school. Quantum Day explains the science behind space travel, photodynamic therapy and popping champagne corks in an understandable and amusing way.

Smithsonian Science – Quite a remarkable blog covering practically every conceivable science topic under the sun and beyond into the universe. Well-written and (obviously) factual

Earth Science – Earth Science “Picture of the Day” (EPOD) goes back more than a decade and provides fantastic pictures of the nature that exists on our planet with short captions explaining what makes the picture so special.

The Curious Cat – The Curious Cat investigates science and engineering with a “cool” sense of humor, adding touches of educational research, economics and health care for good measure.

Out of This World Science Blogs

Universe Today – Want to know what is going on above your head? Universe Today provides the latest news on satellites, planets, comets and everything else filling up the night sky.

Bad Astronomy – Philip Plait is an ex-Hubble engineer who brings astronomy down to Earth and lights up his blog with a great sense of humor and some amazing time lapse videos.

NASA Space Flight – Not solely concerned with NASA programs, Chris Bergin and his team also provide news on the International space programs being undertaken by the Europeans, Russians and Chinese

Starts With a Bang – SwaB is an incredible blog compiled by theoretical astrophysicist Ethan Siegal which explores the relationship between time, space and the universe. Easy to understand and a pleasure to read.

365 Days of Astronomy – 365 Days is project launched as part of the 2009 Year of Astronomy and for three years has presented a daily podcast on astronomical events. New contributors are welcome!

Dear Astronomer: – Dear Astronomer is not an agony column for dysfunctional star-gazers, but does have an excellent “Ask an Astronomer” feature among its superb and enthralling content!

Parabolic Arc – A news-packed blog which is now five years old and focus on space, tourism and space-tourism. Contains an extensive reading list for further research

AARTScope – A smashing astrophotography blog which combines news, video and photography from outer space. Plenty of information for the amateur astronomer to sink his or her teeth into.

Astro Blogger – A really interesting blog by Ian Musgrave about the Southern Hemisphere skies. Less light population equals more to look at, and Ian compliments his great writing with some fantastic photography.

We Are All in the Gutter – An out of this world science blog which tales the breath away. Well-written and interesting, this astro blog is accompanied by fantastic images and captivating videos.

Science Meets Science Blogs

Next Big Future – A popular and well-subscribed blog combining political, economic and sociological science to suggest where the decisions of today will take us in the future

Rationally Speaking – Professor Massimo Pigliucci, a philosopher at the City University of New York, delivers a provocative blog on “Scientism” and its place in the modern world. Confrontational? You decide!

Skeptical Science – A skeptical look at what scientists are telling us about the impact of various sciences on the environment and their impact on global warming. Can everything be that bad?

Real Climate – This blog which promises to provide “Climate Science from Climate Scientists” has an incredibly comprehensive “Wiki” section which is an invaluable resource for everyone interested in science

Sandwalk – Darwinology meets modern biology in this great evolutionary biochemical blog written by Larry Moran. Make sure you read how Darwin´s quotes from over century ago are relevant today

The Reference Frame – Czech author, Lubos Motl Pilsen, provides excellent coverage of phenomenology from an astrophysicist´s point of view with a dash of mathematics, philosophy and stringy quantum gravity

The Spittoon – At first glance this blog is all about DNA and genealogy, but on further investigation it divulges into medicine, health and culture. Organizes regular meet-ups for its readers

Science Codex – Science Codex is a comprehensive blog mixing news and views on celestial science with science happening on the ground and technological advances that will change the science of the future.

Rise Earth – Very difficult to categorize this blog. Rise Earth is spiritual mixture of cosmology, biology and science, with some very defined attitudes towards all three. Both thought-provoking and provocative!

Science Progress – A potentially dangerous meeting of minds as the exact science of technology encounters politics. Not as negative as one might think and well worth a read.

Science and Technology Blogs

Ars Technica – All the 50 Best Science Blogs revolve around technology, but some just stand out for their depth of technological information – Ars Technica being one of the best!

Extreme Tech – Extreme tech also deserves a mention if you are interested in the science of communication technology, computers, advanced gaming and the Internet

PhysOrg – A wondrously comprehensive blog with major strengths in its reporting of technology news, PhyOrg also manages to look at the business connections behind the innovations.

Discover Magazine – A comprehensive science blog which has an excellent technology section which includes some of the more outrageous items you may not find elsewhere

Geeks Are Sexy – A somewhat ambitious attempt to combine technology, science and social news results in a comic book style approach to science – light-hearted in a serious kind of way

Foresight – The Foresight Institute publishes this regular blog with news about nanotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence. Loads of information about future technology

High Power Rocketry – High Power Rocketry is a superb science blog which not only contains content about rocket technology but some of the finitely accurate devices that control them.

Google LatLong – Google´s own blog about how to get the most out of Google Earth with news about which geographical areas are being updated on the program and the new stuff you can do with GE.

Fellow Geek – Great clips of news from the world of technology featuring a cosmopolitan blend of gadgetry, science and culture. Check out the “Beyond” section for some of the more whacky content

Sustainable Design Update – Possibly the word “Fascinating” has been overused in our 50 Best Science Blogs, but if you are finding it time-consuming to read all the blogs (we did!) do not miss this one out!

Science News Blogs

Science Mag – All the blogs featured in this list are news blogs in one respect or another, but the daddy of them all is the news blog produced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Medical Health News – More suited for those who wish to follow a healthy lifestyle than pharmacologists, Medical Health News is updated hourly and presented in a magazine format.

Space Politics – Although Space Politics is a space travel blog without pictures the site provides an important insight into the politics behind past space programs and those of the future. Readable.

Physics Today – The “Newspicks” section of this website selects some of the most interesting physics-related news articles of the day. Plenty of content on space travel, nuclear policy and climate change.

UFO Blogger – UFO Blogger could come under its own category of “Science meets Conspiracy Theory” and is a must read for all devotees of “Alien Planet”. Frequently updated with news of UFO sightings

Brain Posts – A comprehensive blog frequently updated about medical advances in the field of neurology. Most neurological conditions can be researched using the handy search facility.

The Guardian – One of the UK´s leading national dailies has an excellent science news blog covering the biggest science stories with expert analysis and commentary.

Xcomony – “X” marks the spots for this technological blog which focuses specifically on news coming out of Seattle, Boston, New York. San Francisco, San Diego and Detroit

Eurekalert – Eurakalert claims to be the leading web site for breaking science news since 1996. Looking through the sites depth of information, we find that claim hard to deny.

L.A. Times – Similar to the UK´s “Guardian”, the L.A. Times publishes a comprehensive and analytical guide to technological news and includes its own reviews of new technological releases.

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